Aluminum hubs of a specific construction – rear hub with five bearings, free hub is built in through a fifth bearing directly in the hub´s body

  • up to 30% higher strength on the free hub
  • better power transmission form the cassette
  • longer lifetime
  • smoother motion in idle mode
  • CNC milling
  • anodized and waxed surface

Classic 100/142, BOOST, X-ROAD

  • a classic dimension 100/142mm with the possibility to be converted to a quick release
  • BOOST - dimension 110/148mm
  • X-ROAD for road disc brakes 100/142 with a free hub for road cassette 11t (Shimano, SRAM)
  • Possibility to rebuild without tools using removable end caps
  • 28 and 32 holes
  • free hub Shimano and SRAM XD for MTB hubs
  • free hub replacement as needed
  • Price: rear 139,95 Euro, front 74,95 Euro, pair 199,95Euro