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Looking after the best, looking after you! We want to share our passion for cycling with you. We want to provide you the best options in every category and price range we offer.

It doesn’t matter to us what brand of bike you buy. Or the amount of money you
spend. We just want your choice to be informed so you can enjoy every ride you are
on. Weather it is riding with friends, on a fun trip or even racing.

How to make an appointment?

Before coming - call, email or fill an online order request.


We do not accept bikes without previous orders. This will insure you have time that is set aside just for you. It will also allow us to schedule our day with our customers in mind.

If you already know what your bike requires you can opt for one of our „service
packages“. You pick one, book an appointment and than you can wait for your bike
either in our waiting area, with coffee and wifi connection available or try „Kantyna“ a
part of modern food concept on the compounds of Branik Pivovar (

Service team

Pavel Čábelický

Pavel Čábelický

Main mechanic


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