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Cabtech is based on the experience of Pavel Cabelicky whose interest in cycling grew into years of active racing. Eventually, he achieved the Czech national MTB team

When forced to discontinue his active years as a racer,  he became a pro mechanic. And once again he made it to the Czech national MTB team.

The experience he gained being a pro racer and a pro mechanic, translates to the highest level of cycling service

Cabtech aim is to provide top quality consulting, customer service, cycling development and sales to everyone that is interested in cycling regardless of skill level.


Looking after the best, looking after you! We want to share our passion for cycling with you. We want to provide you the best options in every category and price range we offer.

It doesn’t matter to us what brand of bike you buy. Or the amount of money you spend. We just want your choice to be informed so you can enjoy every ride you are on. Weather it is riding with friends, on a fun trip or even racing.

Racing team

GAPP System – Cabtech MTB racing team is just the icing on the cake. Our professional racing team represents a perfect merge of our passion for cycling and our knowledge gained throughout  all the years.

Share our success and tears. Join us at the races. Everybody counts.

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Our products

Cabtech is dealing with the development of small bike devices that make your bike operation easier and increase the  lifespan of your bike. Providing you with much safer feeling on your ride.  We are trying to make life easier and cycling more comfortable.

Partners & components

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