C1 category race, Kamptal klassic trophy, AT


C1 category race, Kamptal klassic trophy, AT

C1 category race, Kamptal klassic trophy, AT


We have done the first start on the European scene.
At the weekend we took part in the C1 category race, which is already 27 edition held in the vineyards of Langenlois.
A traditional race with oldschool tracks and a 220m elevation on one circuit, is the traditional opener of the European race calender.
This year's competition was very decent in all categories, so there was no need for a drama in the race.

For our colors it was very good and both racers managed to win first places!
So he managed to control the women's race with sovereignty, and after four years, he managed to win the prize.
For Jíťu, it is the first ever C1 class race to be won abroad.

Matěj bravely confronted with the competition in the elite race. He finished 7th overall and dominated the category until the 23rd.

Therefore, we can definitely declare the season 2018 started successfully.
The results have confirmed that we are on the right track, and the hard work that is ahead of us makes sense.
Thanks for support!

The next stop is for us the race C1 in Vrtjob, Slovenia, which is going to Easter Monday.